Jonquils with Orchids

Winter Beeches

West Bay Harbour Evening

"Jonquils with Orchids"

Edition of 12
41.2 cm high x 31 cm wide

"Winter Beeches - Compton Abbas"

Edition of 10
41.4 cm high x 31.2 cm wide

"West Bay Harbour Evening"

Edition of 10
25.5 cm high x 31.8 cm wide

Still Life with Jug

Dorset Beeches

On Sidmouth Beach

"Still Life with Jug"

Edition of 18
41.3 cm high x 31.3 cm wide

"Dorset Beeches"

Edition of 10
41.5 cm high x 31.2 cm wide

"On Sidmouth Beach"

Edition of 12
30.2 cm high x 45.5 cm wide